Mauritius Veterinary Association
Mauritius Veterinary Association
Welcome to our new page and join us to transcend our profession.

Welcome to the Mauritius Veterinary Association

This page will assist to congregate and improve the communication between veterinarian in our small island and also encourage our future veterinarian.


Our Passion

Veterinarian are the only qualified doctor who treat both animals and humanity.
Let's get together and make significant changes in the world.


To gather all veterinarian in our small island for the common good of developing our profession.

Join us

The association is here to support, protect and empower our profession.

Association Events

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Meet Our

Association members

Dr Radhakrishna Veerapa

President of MVA

Dr Pitambarsing Beeharry

Principal Veterinary Officer

Dr Madhuri Narain

Veterinary Officer

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